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Masters Message Spring 2024

Digital Masonry                                                                                                       

Spring 2024                


What makes Silas Shepherd different?  We satisfy hunger.  Hunger for history.  Hunger for ideas.  Hunger to make a difference.

The pandemic tee-ed us up to satisfy those hungers.  Over a year of isolation made men look around and wonder… is this it?  The public couldn’t connect with others.  They started looking for ways to connect with others, and found that it was difficult to make new friends.

Technology gave people connections.  The digital world allowed people from nearby or even on the other side of the world to build bonds, and those continued even after pandemic passed.

While connections were made and relationships built through digital conference platforms like Zoom or Teams, people's eyes were opened as they realized that they could speak to other people, create other audiences and promote ideas from within the safety of their own home.

However, with the expansion of social media platforms; so comes with it the growing pains of learning how to manage social media.  Just as text messaging can contribute to misunderstandings, it takes skill and vigilance to learn how to communicate on each platform.  Even platforms and their popularity changes and this brings unique challenges.  For social media today; TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the most used as of this writing.  MySpace is a hollow shell of what it once was and Twitter now X is waning in popularity.

Rising in popularity are Reddit, Nextdoor, WhatsApp, Discord and GroupMe, and various others. 

Freemasonry has found its way to all these platforms including podcasts….  How has it impacted you?  Whether you were a content creator, you’ve read or listened to something that made a change?.

How has digital masonry affected you?  Have you written, or performed on any of these platforms?  We can be on the cutting edge.  There is a hunger for masonry right now – for the connections with like-minded individuals worldwide. We can do cool stuff, and we can feed the hunger. My Brothers, I look to an exciting year of taking Silas Shepherd to new heights this year, and with your contributions making an impact to a larger hungry audience!


Sincerely & Fraternally,

Jim McGuigan

Worshipful Master 2024

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