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Views expressed in the articles, etc., published in Pharos are solely those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views or opinions of Silas H. Shepherd Lodge of Research No. 1843, F. & A. M. of Wisconsin, its officers, or any other Masonic body. Furthermore, authors are solely responsible for the authenticity of their sources. Grateful acknowledgement is given to these authors for permission to reprint them here.

Mason & Man 

Shake hands with me, my Brother, 
I like your friendly smile; 
Join hands with me in the ancient Craft, 
It's never out of style. 

For I join you in Brotherhood, 
As part of the ancient clan; 
Now I'm as proud as I can be 
To be a Mason and a Man. 

We go from here to Ireland, 
We're found in Scotland, too; 
In France and also Tokyo 
And way beyond the blue. 

To Rio and to Juneau, to Greece 
And to Palestine, 
We have our roots in Italy 
And all along the Rhine. 

For we have built cathedrals 
And temples as you know; 
Yes, we are Master Builders 
.From oh, so long ago. 

But America is our heritage, 
We ofthis freedom's land 
Our forefathers have made it so, 
lt is written by their hand. 

For Washington and Paul Revere, 
Yes, and the others, too, 
Like Franklin and John Dickenson 
They all are part of you. 

All Masons, are they in their hearts, 
The same as you and me 
For they all took the same good vows 
As they knelt upon their knee. 

They all were Master Masons, 
They were beyond compare; 
They will meet you on the level 
And part upon the square. 

So shake hands with James McHenry 
And also Brother Bell 
Yes, they are all your Brothers 
And they will wish you well. 

Now let's be proud to be one of them, 
A Master in your heart; 
Abiding there, our Brethren, 
Each of us a part. 

Shake hands with me, my Brothers, 
I like your friendly smiles; 
A pat on the back, and a trust that lasts, 
Beyond the ancient miles. 

Masonic Poem written by: 
Robert Myles Brown 
Palmyra Lodge #68 
Palmyra, Wisconsin 

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