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Silas H. Shepherd Lodge of Research is a research lodge in Wisconsin. Silas H. Shepherd Lodge is a statewide lodge and does not compete with other lodges. Plural membership is open to all Master Masons in good standing and regularly constituted lodges. Masonic libraries, and Masonic bodies may join Silas H. Shepherd Lodge as sustaining members. The lodge's namesake, Silas H. Shepherd, was a leader of Masonic education in Wisconsin. As chairman of the Grand Lodge Research Committee between 1916 and 1936, he was nationally recognized for his scholarly writings on Masonic subjects. The work of Silas H. Shepherd Lodge of Research appeals to both the serious Masonic scholar and the writer. In addition, Master Masons who enjoy fellowship of like-minded men at informational meetings, and like to read teach, and share about Masonic events, history. Masons of all levels will find Silas Shepherd Lodge of Research interesting!

Silas Stated Communications

Silas H. Shepherd lodge of Research meets quarterly on the second (2nd) Saturday's in:

March, June, September, and December.

We are a traveling lodge and meet at various facilities throughout the state. More especially if invited!

Officers For Silas H Shepherd 2023

Worshipful Master

Jim McGuigan P.M.

Senior Warden

Chris Luedke P.M.

Junior Warden

Corey Nowak P.M.

Senior Deacon

Adam Forsberg

Junior Deacon

Chad Michels P.M.


Chris Horridge

Jim Lukas P.M.


Francis X. McKenna P.M.

Secretary/ Treasurer

Napoleon Sneed-Janczak P.M.


It was determined that the Silas H. Shepherd Lodge of Research #1843 of Free and Accepted Masons of Wisconsin intended to produce a new publication and a “New Publication Committee” was formed. After several meetings and much discussion of what the publication was to look like and what its purpose was, it came time to name it. 

We wanted the name to express the mission and contents of the publication while at the same time “branding” it as a new and exciting reader that would be accessible to Masonry at large. We came to agree on “Pharos- The Silas Shepherd Reader,” named for the Pharos of Alexandria.

According to Wikipedia, “The Lighthouse of Alexandria, also known as the Pharos of Alexandria (in Ancient Greek, ὁ Φάρος Ἀλεξανδρινóς), was a tower built between 280 and 247 BC on the island of Pharos at Alexandria, Egypt. Its purpose was to guide sailors into the harbour at night time.”

“With a height variously estimated at somewhere in-between 393 and 450 ft (120 and 140 m), it was for many centuries among the tallest man made structures on Earth. It was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.”

“Pharos became the etymological origin of the word 'lighthouse' in Greek (φάρος), many Romance languages, such as French (phare), Italian and Spanish (faro), Romanian (far) and Portuguese (farol) and even some slavic languages like Bulgarian (far).”

We hope we are able to bring the reader an engaging and diverse publication of Masonic writing and research and live up to the name- Pharos.

Br. Dan Bast-

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