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Welcome to Silas H. Shepherd Lodge of Research #1843 F. & A. M. of Wisconsin

Officers For Silas H Shepherd 2023

Worshipful Master

Jonathon W. Schroeder P.M.

Senior Warden

James W. McGuigan P.M.

Junior Warden

Christopher M. Luedke P.M.

Senior Deacon

Mathew G. Bohman

Junior Deacon

Jeffrey B. Woosley P.M.


Francis X. McKenna P.M.

Secretary/ Treasurer

Napoleon Sneed-Janczak P.M.


Views expressed in the articles, etc., published in Pharos are solely those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views or opinions of Silas H. Shepherd Lodge of Research No. 1843, F. & A. M. of Wisconsin, its officers, or any other Masonic body. Furthermore, authors are solely responsible for the authenticity of their sources. Grateful acknowledgement is given to these authors for permission to reprint them here.

Silas H. Shepherd

Lodge of Research #1843

Silas H. Shepherd was born in Illinois on March 7, 1874. He was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in Hartland Lodge No. 122 F. & A. M., in Hartland, WI. He was Worshipful Master of No. 122, and there is some evidence it was about 1915. He also became a Scottish Rite Mason. Silas was chairman of the Wisconsin Grand Lodge Committee on Masonic Research for many years and the author of many books and poems. Silas retired to San Diego, California, in 1934, where he was elected International Secretary of the Philalethes Society. He was also associate editor of the Masonic News of San Diego. Silas Shepherd passed away suddenly on Wednesday, March 20, 1946, in that city. Last Rites were held on March 23, in Rogers Chapel, under the auspices of Silver Gate Lodge No. 296, F. & A. M. He was survived by his wife Amelia, two daughters and five sons. 

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